Luis Lou Pizarro is the Head Owner of EGA Recovery and the Star of the Hit TruTv Show Operation Repo He Runs The Operation Repo Recovery Company as a Family with Sister Sonia Pizarro His Daughter Lyndah Pizarro His Ex Brother in Law Froylan' Froy' Tercero and Family Friend Matt Burch from Season 1 to Season 9 It was just the 5 of Them Running the EGA Recovery until Lou Bought 2 more men to Help out Ronnie Lee and Carlos Lopez.

Lou Pizarro is the Older Brother of Sonia Pizarro and the Father of Lyndah Pizarro and was once Froylan Tercero Brother in Law and is Very Good Friends with Matt Burch Carlos Lopez and Ronnie Lee When Matt and Froy Left Lou Team in the 6th Episode of Season 8 of Operation Repo Lou Bought in his Cousin Roberto 'Rob' Pizarro to help Temporarily until Mat and Froy Came Back Between Episode 13 and 14 of Season 8 Lou is a Man who cares and Loves his Family to Protect Both his Daughter and Sister.