Operation Repo

The Operation Repo team. Carlos and Ronnie are not in this picture.

Operation Repo TV ShowEdit

This is the Wiki for the TV show Operation Repo.

The Repo TeamEdit

Luis Pizarro - Owner of the company. Brother of Sonia. Father of Lyndah.

Sonia Pizarro - Repo team member. Ex-wife of Froylan. Sister of Luis. Aunt of Lyndah.

Lyndah Pizarro - Repo team member and office manager. Niece of Sonia. Daughter of Luis.

Froylan Tecero - Repo team member. Ex-husband of Sonia.

Matt Burch - Repo team member. Long time friend of Froylan.

Carlos Lopez - New repo team member.

Ronnie Lee - New repo team member.

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